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The SayHi platform can be easily integrated and effectively deployed in the following industries, to reduce operating costs and improve customer reach and revenue.

Value Added Services industry

Our partner program enables service providers to increase their related product and services portfolio to deliver a more extensive end-to-end offering to their customer channels and networks.

The SayHi platform also complements existing VAS product offerings while enabling VAS providers to mitigate risk right from the outset.

Financial Services & Insurance industry

Our mobile solutions are a perfect fit for the bank and insurance industry in success of marketing and sales initiatives depend on your organisation’s ability to attract, retain and service clients of a certain profile.

Retail and customer service industry

Our solutions can help you by bridging the gap between your people and your customers.

We can help you bring your brands into your customer’s daily lives, by getting a better understanding of who they are, what makes them tick and how they behave.

This makes it easier for you to build communities around your brand and deliver useful resources to your customers to assist them in purchasing decisions.

Debt Collection Industry

Companies that lend money or extend credit to customers have the undesirable responsibility to try an collect from customers unable to pay their debts.

Our AVM platform allows you to reach a large customer base cost effectively and without human interaction through a range of automated integrations that allow you to target your entire base and customise the amount owed and payment dates for each customer, on the fly. Responses received are then sent back to you, allowing you to focus on business critical functions.

To find out how the SayHi platform can help you reach your target audience instantly and cost-effectively, please get in touch.