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Optimise outbound marketing calls and get complete scripting flexibility


Hot Key Interactions

Recipients can interact with your AVM through the use of their phone keypad to answer questions and generate leads.


Transfer to call centre

Recipients can be immediately transferred to an agent for human assistance, providing real time opportunities.


Digit capture

Capture a series of digits with number range validation.



On a scale of 1 to 9 with specific script branching based on the result keyed in by recipient.


API Push

Validate any captured information or send information directly to a customer in real-time.

Simplify and streamline customer relations calls and customer database management

Automated Right Party Verification

Validation of identity number, account number and reference number to reduce time wastage.

Agent whisper

Notifies the agent in real time of the campaign and the recipient before both parties are connected.

Call recording

Record conversation between the agent and the recipient of the call for quality assurance and legal purposes.

Voicemail detection

State of the art voicemail detection means that your campaign is only ever delivered to a live answer, or you can opt for dual delivery to live person and voicemail.

Round Robin CLI

Select retries per number and their frequency. Each retry will display a different number on the recipient’s phone (this is carrier dependent).

DNC Management

Automatic management of Do not call lists.

Hundreds of South African businesses just like yours trust SayHi to make the right impression, automatically.