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SA’s leading AVM Service
& Termination Partner

Cost-effective outgoing voice marketing campaign automation and management.

Self-service portal

Set up, monitor, control and tweak your outbound campaigns in real time from one central touchpoint.

Full service API

Easily integrate the SayHi platform with any existing system or platform that you already have.

Campaign scheduling

Schedule your campaigns for specific dates and times or set a specific timeframe.

Detailed reporting

Call Detail Records (CDRs), detailed interaction reports and live statistics at your fingertips.

Increase revenue while minimising overheads

SayHi is an integrated marketing and advertising platform that delivers proven scientific business intelligence to empower you to calculate ROI effectively, accurately and in real time for each of your campaigns.

Automated Voice Messaging

Professional recordings

SayHi offers professionally recorded, 10-45 second automatic voice messages that can be deployed as part of your outbound marketing strategy.

Targeted lead generation

Because AVM is targeted, you’re able to reach a large number of relevant recipients instantly and effortlessly in the lead generation stage.

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Proven scientific business intelligence

The SayHi Platform empowers you to calculate ROI effectively, accurately and in real time for each of your campaigns.

  • Personalised, targeted messaging
  • Cost-effective interaction
  • Communication is direct
  • Quick platform implementation

The SayHi platform is ideal for companies that would like to simplify the processes of:

Keeping in touch with existing customers through, for example, customer satisfaction surveys following the sale of a product or service, or follow-up calls that offer Value-Added Services.

Acquiring qualified leads, like people that have already expressed a genuine interest in your product or service.

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Reach relevant recipients

AVM marketing reduces the need for human call centre agents at the lead generation stage, routing them in once the recipient has opted into the comms, or requested further information about your product.

Bridge the gap

The SayHi platform can be easily deployed in the following industries

Retail and commerce

Ensure that you’re always top of mind for your market.

Finance & Insurance

Attract and retain the right profiled customer.

Value added services

Complementing existing products and mitigating risk.

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